Leopoldo Martins Artist

Leopoldo Martins was born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil in 1961. As a child, he liked to draw and play with clay in his spare time. The drawings he cut, folded, and glued became objects, models, and designs. His first attempts at three-dimensionality came about quite naturally and expressed his playful, frolicsome, and carefree side, increasingly drawn by the possibility of capturing the essence of forms through simple strokes, transforming them into objects of desire, dedicated to jewelry design with a more exquisite, refined look. This experience forged his creative identity, characterized by clean lines, the power of synthesis, and precise cuts. A clean, smooth shape has become his signature.

His friendship with Sonia Ebling redirected his productive voracity, leading to a change in expression. Leopoldo began to sculpt. Fascinated by nature and attracted by the strength, movement, and sensuality of the big cats, he developed a series of sculptures depicting these proud, majestic animals, thereby consolidating his choice of sculpture as a form of creative expression.

In January 2003, he exhibited “The Big Cats” at the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts) in Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

Leopoldo Martins Book

In 2009, he released his book, "A Invenção da Semelhança" (The Ivention of Resemblance), at the of Paula Inimá Museum in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, in conjunction with a major exhibition featuring a profile of his artistic career, starting with jewelry design and ending with his large sculptures of cats in marble, bronze, and orthophthalic acid.

In 2009, he participated as guest sculptor at the Salon Du Louvre, Paris, France, exhibiting also in London, England at the Nayla Gallery. In the same year, he was honored by the French Academy of Arts, Science, and Literature, in Paris, France with the Silver Medal in recognition of his work.

Leopoldo Martins Exhibition

He exhibited at the Christiane Peugeot Cultural Center, Paris, France in 2010, as artist of honor during the International Animal Art exhibition, then at the Guangzhou International Luxury Exhibition, Guangzhou, China, and at the XIV International Art Exhibition in Shanghai, China.

Two exhibitions stood out in 2011, one at the Cloitre des Billettes Cultural Center, Marais Lutheran Church (individual) and another at the Bagatelle Garden at the invitation of the Montparnasse Museum and Frans Krajcberg Cultural Space in Paris, France.

In 2013 Leopoldo Martins surprises once again with his meticulous style, creating a unique universe to launch its new series of contemporary sculptures: "Muses".

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